We supply products and offer consultancy services to customers requiring bespoke RF coil systems for MRI and NMR applications.


MRF Innovations success builds on over 30 years of experience working in both academic and industrial MRI research and development environments.


Our team works closely with customers to establish how the best possible performance can be achieved. We then offer anything from a design study to full product development.

We develop bespoke RF coil products, optimising…

  • Signal to noise ratio
  • RF field uniformity
  • Signal dead time for short T2
  • Q spoiling for RF transmit
  • Remote tune and match

Our portfolio includes…

  • Design and manufacture of solenoidal RF coils for low field MRI applications, requiring very short signal dead times
  • RF coil design optimisation for high resolution bench top NMR
  • Birdcage coils for high field MRI
  • Proton and fluorine free RF coil manufacture for low field MRI industrial applications

RF Modelling

Full wave analysis of RF coil designs

  • Predict SNR
  • Model coil losses accurately for low field industrial applications
  • Optimise field homogeneity

Circuit Modelling

  • Optimise preamplifier noise figure
  • Design and optimisation of RF transmit protection components
  • Minimise signal dead times

Mechanical Design

In house mechanical design to realise the results of modelling and source components for manufacture.


Complete systems built in house and installed at customer site.

Contact Us

If you require any further information, please contact us at info@mrfinnovations.com.